Since I want to be a music and entertainment writer, I decided to do a review about the famous celebrity news gossip forum, Most people wouldnt think of TMZ as real journalism, but I think this is a perfect example of it. TMZ has daily blogs and stories that are interesting about what is going on in celebrities lives. Many fail to realize that TMZ was the first to launch some of the major celebrity gossip stories, such as actor, Mel Gibson drinking and driving, and pictures of singer, Rihanna’s face after getting beat up by her boyfriend, Chris Brown.

When I first watched TMZ, I was already a fan of celebrity gossip news. It has always been interesting to me to see what is going on in celebrity’s lives, and to know that they go through things just like any other normal person. TMZ is very factual, and they go above and beyond in order to get a story out. Nothing is going overboard for them, the sky is the limit. This way of thinking is a perfect example of good journalism.

I enjoy the stories and I commend TMZ for all they do. Their willingness to overcome the obstacles and still manage to get a factual story to the public is applaudable. The fact that humor is also added to the mix is a good factor as well, and helps to keeo the stories readable.