Letter to the NYT Editor:

The article, “Poor Students Struggle”, really was very interesting to me and very intriguing. I’ve heard the saying “college is what you make it” so many times, but for some money holds a very important part in the  college experience. Many college students come from poor backgrounds and aren’t able to get access to money and things needed to excel in college classrooms. In fact, many college graduates end up in a lot of debt upon graduation. The hardships of balancing job after job just to pay the bills is alot to handle for a struggling college students.

I feel for Melissa. I believe that she is very smart and has the potential to be great but she does not have the right guidance and support to help her through it. This is the case of most poorer college students. Coming from poor backgrounds and unstable homes can sometimes get too much to handle and become overwhelming to some.

The amount of money a college student has and their home life is a huge factor to the way they excel in class and academics as a whole. Melissa and her friends, as well as many other college students need guidance to help them be great students. I know many other people who are in the same situations as Melissa, but success should be the higher purpose and students need to focus on that.